Why Bradbeers for Furniture Rental?

We believe that our furniture rental rates are the most competitive in the UK Just compare them-and the rest of our plus points-with other furniture hire companies. We offer a price-match scheme across our complete home furniture rental product range. If you obtain a lower quotation from a competitor, for similar quality items, we will match that price and provide a further discount.

Quality. Most of the goods we supply for hire are from "named" manufacturers. Even our Standard range of rental furniture is generally of better quality than the usual run of furniture at "warehouse-type" retail outlets.
Green Footprint. All our furniture is recycled to "Scratch" our local charity- since 1999. Speed. We can provide a quotation within hours, and deliver the furniture within days. Resources. As part of Smith Bradbeer & Co, we can use the resources of the Bradbeer department stores and the Bradbeer removals and storage business. This means:

  1. We have a large "pool" of domestic furniture, furnishings, and other household goods available for hire. So these items are readily available for home use, or for home staging (sometimes called "house dressing") properties for sale, or for furnishing properties for letting.
  2. We have our own purpose-built vehicles and trained staff to deliver the goods you order.
  3. We can offer storage facilities as well as rental furniture. So, for example, if you are an assignee-in to the UK and you find that some of your shipped-in furniture will not fit into your UK accommodation (which tends to be smaller), we can not only provide suitable substitutes but we can also store surplus items in purpose-built containers in our own storage facility until you move on. Few other UK furniture-rental companies can provide this service.

A long-established company. Furniture rental is a fairly new business in the UK, and some companies in the field have been established for only a year or two. By contrast, Bradbeers have been trading successfully since 1837. You don't need to worry about Bradbeers being a "here today, gone tomorrow"company.
Flexibility. We can supply anything from a single item to a total house-contents package, for hire periods ranging from one day to forever! If you decide to buy new items, or you want to ship home some of the items we've rented to you, we can arrange that too.
Product range. We supply two grades of furniture and furnishings, to cater for all requirements. This benefits both private and company clients. Landlords, for example, can furnish up or down in quality to suit the property or tenant.
Safety. All our rental furnishings meet current European standards for fire resistance and safety. See also our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

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