Hire Terms & Conditions

  1. Bradbeers permits the Hirer to hire the Goods for a minimum specified period until such time as the hiring is determined as hereinafter provided. The Hirer shall be a mere bailee of the Goods and no property in them shall pass to the Hirer.

  2. (a) An inventory of the furnishings will be provided by bradbeers for the Hirer or his representative to confirm the presence of the rental items and their condition at the time of delivery and collection. (b) The Hirer shall ensure that there is adequate free, reserved, and suitable goods vehicle parking adjacent to the delivery address and that the property is suitable for the goods required without any dismantling or alteration to the goods or the property. (c) The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that adequate adjacent services are provided for any electrical appliances and for the commissioning, servicing, repair and de-commissioning of such equipment at the hirer's expense.

  3. a) The Hirer shall during the continuance of the hiring keep the Goods in clean, good and substantial repair and condition - reasonable wear and tear only excepted, as determined by bradbeers - and keep the Goods at the address where installed by bradbeers. (b) No goods shall be removed from the above declared hire location unless written authority is given by bradbeers. (c) No animals or smoking shall be permitted in the hire location.

  4. Hirer shall pay to bradbeers, prior to delivery, and during the continuance of the hiring, in advance of the renewal date , without demand, the agreed charges by credit card, standing order or other direct credit. Initial payment, including the security deposit, to be made by cleared funds prior to the delivery date. A transport charge providing for one delivery and one collection is included in all rates. Any cancellation or postponement without seven working days notice, hindrance or interruption on the delivery or collection date will incur additional charges determined by bradbeers.

  5. The Hirer shall not during the continuance of the hiring sell or offer for sale, loan, rental, sub-let, or otherwise assign the possession of the Goods.

  6. The Hirer shall protect the Goods against any distress, execution or seizure and shall indemnify bradbeers against all losses, cost, charges, damages and expense incurred by reason or in respect thereof.

  7. The Hirer shall not interfere with, adapt or alter the Goods in any way.

  8. The Goods are to be insured - without excess - by the Hirer during the period of hire for perils including loss or damage by accidental fire, lightning, explosion, storm, flood, escape of water from any tank, pipe or apparatus, impact and theft. The Hirer shall keep bradbeers indemnified against all loss and damage incurred to or by the Goods howsoever caused.

  9. The Hirer shall pay to bradbeers all expenses incurred by or on behalf of bradbeers in ascertaining the whereabouts of or repossessing the Goods and of any legal proceedings taken by or on behalf of bradbeers to enforce the provisions of this agreement.

  10. The Hirer shall at all reasonable times on prior written notice to the Hirer's address permit bradbeers, its servant and agents to have access to the Goods for the purposes of inspection or repair.

  11. The Hirer may determine the hiring at any time by giving seven working days notice in writing of the preferred collection date to bradbeers and on the expiry of such notice bradbeers shall remove the Goods without hindrance and refund the Hirer the balance of any complete months rent paid in respect of any period after the date of termination, the minimum hire charge excepted. The balance of any minimum chargeable hire period will be payable at that time.

  12. Bradbeers may determine the hiring at any time by giving one month's notice in writing to the Hirer's address and at any time without notice (a) upon the Hirer making default in the punctual payment of the hire charge, (b) on the making of a receiving order in the bankruptcy against the Hirer the cailing of a meeting of his creditor or his executing any assignment for their benefit, (c) upon the Hirer going into liquidation whether voluntary or compulsory except for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation or suffering a receiver to be appointed of any of its assets, (d) upon any execution being levied upon the Hirer and not satisfied within seven days. In any such case bradbeers may retake possession of the Goods and for this purpose may enter upon the premises where the Goods are installed and such determination by bradbeers shall not affect the right to recover damages for any breach of this agreement before such determination.

  13. Any notice required or permitted to be given by bradbeers to the Hirer hereunder shall be validly given if served personally on the Hirer or posted by recorded delivery service addressed to or left at the Hirer's last known address and shall if sent by post be conclusively deemed to have been received by the Hirer 48 hours after the time of posting.

  14. The expression "The Goods" includes all additions, replacements and renewals thereof and all accessories, components, and addition thereto.

  15. Any time or other indulgences granted by bradbeers to the Hirer shall not affect the enforcement of the strict rights of bradbeers hereunder. Any timescale agreed by bradbeers is subject to weather and traffic conditions, mechanical breakdown, labour or other difficulties.

  16. The security deposit will be refunded by cheque following the return to stock of all Goods at the conclusion or termination of the hire period provided the Goods are in clean and sound condition - suitable for re-use, as determined by bradbeers - and all rental charges having been paid. Goods will be professionally repaired, cleaned and/or disposed of where necessary at the sole discretion of bradbeers and expense of the hirer.

  17. The Hirer is responsible for any statutory requirements applicable to the goods (eg Television Licence).

  18. The above terms and conditions are enforceable under English law.

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