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Your time is very valuable, and when moving home, staging a property to rent or sell, or any other requirement to rent furniture, the process shouldn’t be a headache. You can hire furniture with us in the easiest and simplest way possible, so you can spend more time on those other important things.

That’s why we have created the ‘three Rs’ to furniture rental with Bradbeers, to show just how straightforward it is.


You can browse through our website to see the high quality and stylishly designed furniture we have for you to rent. We’ve curated furniture packs as the quickest way to furnish your rooms, based on the number occupants in a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom property.

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Alternatively, you can look at all the items individually to really tailor to your specific needs.  All our priced on a per monthly basis, which you can change with the handy rental term selector at the top of the page.  Whether you choose the packs, individual items, or both, you can add this all to your personal Wishlist, which is then sent directly to us with your details, or you can contact us directly to discuss any of your requirements.


You choose when you would like your furniture to be delivered. Receiving your furniture shouldn’t be an inconvenience, so we will fit in with your schedule.

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In the event you are unable to attend the property in person, we will happily still deliver to you and collect keys to the property from a separate location on our way.  Once we have arrived, our highly skilled delivery and installation team will do all the work.  Each piece of furniture is carefully taken into your property, situated exactly where you would like, and removed from all the protective packaging.  Everything will be set up ready to use, with all packaging taken away, so you won’t be left with anything to do other than enjoy your lovely furniture.


When your furniture rental requirements come to an end, let us know that you’re ready to return the furniture and we’ll come to collect everything at a convenient time for you.

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Just as we would do when delivering the furniture, we are happy to collect keys to your property from a separate location if you’re unable to be there in person.  We will package everything up and carefully take it all out of your property, leaving the rooms neat and tidy.

Extending Your Rental Term

You may decide part way through your rental term that you need the furniture for a longer period than you initially expected, or you’re enjoying the furniture so much you don’t want it to go, so wish to extend your rental term.  We are more than happy to accommodate this, so please do get in contact with us to discuss.

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