Measurement is obviously a big part of planning your furniture rental project – it's no good hiring items that we can't get through your front door! You'll obviously need to know that you're choosing the right furniture to meet your needs before you arrange for us to deliver it.
We also understand that not everybody is used to working with the same measurement system. That's why we've put together this page, listing the equivalent measurements of some of our products in inches, centimetres, feet, cubic feet and litres, as appropriate.
Below are a few tables listing common dimensions of our rental furniture in both metric and imperial measurements. In case the information you were looking for isn't included in these tables, we've also included the conversion rates for each measurement:

All the following equivalents are approximate, and for guidance only.

TV Screens (diagonal)

Inches (nominal) Centimetres
19 in 48.3 cm
26 in 66 cm
32 in 81.3 cm
42 in 106.7 cm

Bed Widths

Feet Centimetres
2.5 ft 76 cm
3.0 ft 91 cm
4.5 ft 137 cm
5.0 ft 152 cm
6.0 ft 183 cm

Wardrobes and Hanging Rails

Inches Centimetres
15 in 38 cm
30 in 76 cm
48 in 122 cm

Refrigerator/Freezer Capacities

Cubic Feet Litres
5 cu ft 142 litres
6 cu ft 170 litres

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