Furniture Rental London

Bradbeers furniture rental have been helping London residents with rental furniture for many years.

Long Term Lets

Back in the early 90's, Bradbeers had many clients throughout London in areas such as Balham, Clapham, Wandsworth, Richmond, Twickenham, Hampstead, Kensington and even Camden High Street, renting our furniture on a long–term basis. The majority of rents were on at least a 3 year contract. Bradbeers are still doing long–term furniture rental in London but far less than before.

One area within the London furniture rental market that has become very popular with longer–term lets is our new "Cart Blanche Service". This hire service is for clients who wish to rent furniture for a minimum of 2 years and are prepared to pay that little bit more for choice and premium quality.

The client chooses approx 50% of the stock from our current range and then they can choose the other 50% from one of our department stores or our brand new furniture shop. This store was opened in December 2010 and is be the largest independent furniture shop in the south of England.

The best thing about this service is that you don't have to wait the usual 6 to 10 weeks for your furniture to arrive. Bradbeers will deliver your hire furniture within days of your order, initially with temporary furniture and then with your new furniture as soon as it is available. This service had been a great success with our London clients and their feedback has been extremely positive.

Short Term Lets

With the ever–increasing problem of many houses and apartments being unfurnished, Bradbeers can put the basics into a two–bedroom dwelling for as little as £200 per month plus VAT based on a six-month contract.

Recently in London we have been doing more and more short–term lets for "Rent Before You Buy" For example, we recently provided hire furniture for a client in Hans Road, just behind Harrods, London. This service allowed her to have furniture delivered within days from her online order. She could then spend her next few months shopping and choosing furniture from her local shops, which in fact happened to be 90% from Harrods, London. When her delivery from Harrods arrived Bradbeers collected her rental furniture on the same day. The Harrods team worked hand in hand with our men to ensure the client had a stress free day. We did the same thing for another client in Denton Road, Richmond and you wont believe it but again Harrods was the winner!

Shipping Relocations

We still deal with many International Companies / Embassy's, relocating employees to London UK from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil and many areas of the United States.

Basically we put everything in their home the day before their employee arrives and then take it all out the day before their shipment is delivered. This enables the employee and family to start their life and work immediately, instead of having to stay in expensive hotels that are often located out of the area. Companies can offer their employees the luxury of choosing from our range of rental furniture in London with the peace of mind that Bradbeers will maintain and organise the whole process

Show House Flats

If you're trying to sell your unfurnished and empty house or apartment in London you will have a lot of competition. More and more London estate agents like Savills, Foxtons, Hamptons International and John D Wood, to name a few, will recommend you add a few items of furniture to help with the sale. For a very competitive hire price, Bradbeers can furnish your property, increasing its appeal to potential buyers.

A good example would be putting a small double bed into a room. This reassures the buyer that the bedroom has plenty of space. Small Sofas are also ideal to show off the living room space. We have recently helped a client sell two apartments in Chelsea, very near to the Kings Road, both over the million pounds figures and it only cost the client a few hundred pounds!

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