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We are a furniture rental company that’s proud of our long history and service, upholding key fundamentals of honesty and attention to detail, and family heritage going back over 180 years.

Bespoke Furniture Rental

We understand that each home has its own unique charm, especially in London with it being the centre of design and innovation, with a greater need for on trend furniture to keep up with the latest fashion.

You can select which individual pieces of furniture you require, with our bespoke furniture rental service.  This tailored option is best for meeting your exact requirements.  If there’s something we don’t have that you are looking for, let us know as we may be able to source it for you.

A three seater sleek sofa in the middle of a living room with other accessories including a large plant and a patterned rug on the floor.
A modern dining table with six chairs in the middle of a large dining room with huge windows.

Furniture Rental Packages

London has a huge range of property sizes, from Georgian townhouses to compact, modern flats, all needing a different style and size of furniture to suit.

You can choose from our range of carefully created furniture rental packages, specifically designed to work for different sized properties and the requirements of the occupants.  This takes away the hassle of working out a configuration, as we’ve already done it for you.

Home Staging

The property market is a highly competitive environment, even more so in the centre of London and the surrounding boroughs.  This makes standing out from the crowd all the more difficult and increases the need to make your property look as good as possible.

Renting furniture for home staging is a powerful tool when looking to sell or let a property, as we make a beautiful living space out of an empty property, increasing the potential for offers and maximising the asking price.

A coastal style living space. A small two seater sofa and a velvet blue armchair paired with costal posters on the wall above.

Quick Furniture Rental

Our experience of working with the London property sector is that a service must be simple, quick, and easy.  You will have lots of other things to worry about, so we want to keep this element stress free for you.  That’s why we’ve created the three Rs to renting furniture with Bradbeers.


Browse our furniture packages and tell us about your requirements.


Choose when you would like your furniture to be delivered. When we arrive, we’ll do all the work.


Let us know when you’re ready to return the furniture. We’ll collect everything from you.

Why Rent Furniture in London?

Moving home

You may need furniture quickly if moving home with no furniture to bring with you.

Staging a property

You can demonstrate the perfect living space by temporarily furnishing properties on the market.

Short term furniture rental

If you won’t be staying in London for long, hiring furniture provides short term usability.

Emergency furniture rental

You may need furniture quickly, and we'll be there. Emergency home relocation can be made more pleasant with some quality furniture to use, and in an instant.

Prefer leasing furniture

You won't have an enormous outlay when renting furniture, with repayments spread out monthly.

Student furniture rental

You won't keep student accommodation furniture forever, so hire furniture for the duration of living there, and when it’ll no longer be needed, simply let us know to collect it.

Furniture Rental Delivery

Once you’ve decided which furniture you’d like to rent, you can provide details to us of when you’d like the furniture and where in London we will be delivering to.

You may feel that being located in London will result in lots of additional charges for delivery, but at Bradbeers, we offer the following with our excellent delivery service:

  • No extra charges for being inside the congestion zone.
  • No extra charges for being inside the ULEZ or LEZ.
  • No extra charges for paying to park our vehicles.
  • Smaller vehicles available for properties in narrow streets or with limited parking.

Our delivery teams are experienced in navigating the narrow and sometimes complex streets within the city, so we can get your furniture there for when you need it.

If you’re unable to attend the property yourself, we can collect keys from a separate location, and return them when we’re done. Everything will be unloaded, unpackaged, and installed by our highly skilled team, who will ensure everything is completed to a high standard.

Are you looking for furniture rental in London?

Speak to us today by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button.  We’d love to hear from you and discuss your individual furniture rental requirements.

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