Carte Blanche Furniture Rental

Image of a bed and side table with the words Carte Blanche Service

A unique opportunity to choose up to 50% of New furniture from our department stores or online at

Our Carte Blanche Service has become very popular recently, especially in the London furniture rental market, partly because more properties are being rented these days without furnishings and are often difficult to furnish due to being on top floors or with smaller access routes.

This service is for clients wishing to rent furniture for a minimum of 18 months and for longer–let periods, and who are prepared to pay that little extra for a huge choice of furniture, premium quality and the option to choose furniture from one of our department stores across the country. Despite this, the cost is still a fraction of property rental prices – starting from as little as £250 per month for a one bedroom apartment, plus VAT and including delivery.

You don't need to worry about the commitment of an 18 month contract either, as Bradbeers will move your furniture to another property if your current Landlord agreement runs out or other circumstances mean you have to move. We charge for this of course, but we will guarantee to match of any professional Removals company and provide a further discount.

You get to choose approximately 50% of your furniture from our current furniture rental range here and then choose the other 50% from one of our department stores, which includes the largest independent furniture store in the South of England! You can also see and choose from this showroom online at

We now even sell New Vintage / Retro looking furniture – no one offers so much choice as us!

To get an approx. price just click on the orange sticker "Get a Quote" and just put a number in each box of the items you require Eg Sofa, 2 seater x 1, 5ft Bed x 1, Bedside cabinet x 2, Tick Superior in our Quality Range and write in the additional information section that you are after our "Carte Blanch Service" and we will give you a reasonably accurate rental price, obviously if you then choose a Kubla Khan +£4,000 pounds sofa with matching armchairs etc the price will increase slightly.

The most popular element of this service is the fast delivery – you won't have to wait the normal 6 to 10 weeks for your furniture to arrive. We will deliver your furniture within days of you ordering, first of all with temporary furniture and then with the furniture you have chosen as soon as it's available, and there are no additional transport costs. Our clients in London have really benefited from this service, and their feedback has been extremely positive.

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