Furniture Hire

Bradbeers Furniture Rental offer furniture hire to both the private and commercial sector. We are one of the leading furniture hire companies in the UK, thanks to our parent company; Smith Bradbeer & Co. Smith Bradbeer & Co consists of department stores, storage services and removal services, all of which help us to offer our clients the best possible service. This allows us to deliver a wide range of contemporary furniture throughout the UK in an efficient and timely manner. We have over 100 years worth of experience, which has helped us to understand the best way to provide our customers with furnishings for short or long–term hire.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should use our furniture hire services:

There are plenty of different reasons to hire furniture. You might be relocating to the UK for a short while and need to furnish your new home. Hiring furniture is often more cost effective than shipping in your own furniture from abroad or buying a new set of furnishings for your home.

If you are a landlord or property developer, hiring furnishings for your property is a great way to help sell or rent it out. Property developers will find that hiring furniture for a property that is on the market is a great way to show potential buyers what the property could look like if they moved in. The same can be said for landlords, who will find that a well–furnished property is easier to rent out. Not only this but it also makes it incredibly easy to update furniture when it is needed. You can also upgrade or downgrade the quality of the furniture, depending on the type of tenants you have.

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