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At Bradbeers, we take pride in being a family run business with over 180 years of heritage.  Based in Hampshire, we can provide furniture rental in London and right across the whole of the UK.  We select high quality furniture for our rental packages so you will always receive the best, coupled with our excellent service.  We have many ranges for you to choose from, all available to rent from 1 month to several years.  So whether you need it for short term or long term, just let us know your requirements and we’ll find something to suit.

Browse through our selection of furniture to see what inspires you. We’ve crafted furniture packs as a convenient way to furnish each room, with everything you would need based on a property size. Alternatively, you can choose each piece individually from our entire range and tailor your selection to your exact requirements. You can use the handy little rental term adjuster at the top of the page to easily pick how long you would like to rent furniture, with prices adjusted to match, and there’s also a Wishlist for you to easily keep track of everything you like, which can then be sent directly to us.

To see our selection of furniture rental packages, click the buttons below:

Why Rent Furniture?

If you’re considering the option to rent furniture instead of buy, then the list below may help you decide whether your situation would benefit from renting.

Moving home and need furniture quickly

Staging a property for sale or rent

Will only be living somewhere for a short time

Emergency furniture rental

Prefer leasing rather than purchasing

Student accommodation

You can visit our dedicated page on why rent furniture by clicking the button below, which will provide you with greater detail on why renting furniture is the right choice for you.

Why Rent Furniture?

Furniture Rental in its simplest form

Moving home, property staging, or short term furniture shouldn’t be a headache, and with so many other things to worry about we want to keep the furniture element as simple as possible for you, and therefore as easy as possible for you.  So take a look at our three Rs to renting furniture with Bradbeers.


Browse our furniture packages and tell us about your requirements.


Choose when you would like your furniture to be delivered. When we arrive, we’ll do all the work.


Let us know when you’re ready to return the furniture. We’ll collect everything from you.

Home Staging

We often get asked about whether home staging is worth considering, and the short answer is absolutely.  It’s understandable though that you would like more detail than that, so we’ve created a whole section solely for you to find out more about home staging and the benefits it can bring you.

Bespoke Quotes

Your needs are our priority, and although we have a wide selection here for you to choose from, we recognise that your particular requirements may be more niche than our normal offering.

Whether you want to hire one piece, or several pieces, we can find the right furniture for you and tailor our service to meet your specific needs.  Just tell us what you need and when, and we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote.

You can contact us, we’re here for you

We’re here to assist you as much as we can throughout the entire rental process.  If you have any queries prior to renting furniture or need to speak to us about furniture you are currently renting, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We pride ourselves on our excellent service and always want to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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